i updated my privacy policy

It’s been two weeks since I’ve spoken to the one person I’ve communicated with almost every day for nearly two years. I’ve never really talked openly about my relationship because I’m terrified of jinxing it. This far into it and, yes, I keep thinking about messing it up. Besides, there’s not much I believe in […]

that thing you wish you could say goodbye to

forgive the sentence ending preposition, but it’s time i ‘fess up. i wanted to do this series differently. have articles of varying points of view lined up. share and promote the voices of women i love and care about. crack open the door to vulnerability and show you are not the only person in that […]

“i’m not here looking for absolution because i’ve found myself an old solution”

i’ve had better first days in a new year. i can’t say i’ve genuinely smiled once. i can’t say i’ve said much. my dreams contain a wall of water wielded by another and caves into which i didn’t dare venture. i don’t need a dream dictionary to figure this one out. usually i can’t write […]

“you’re not going to see a more honest reflection…unless you write it.”

it’s a little more than a month later and i’ve gone from obsessing over hamilton to obsessing over in the heights. on top of pouring over broadway musicals i will most likely never see on broadway, i’ve been “inside the actor’s studio”-ing lin-manuel miranda. ya know, searching every possible interview of him talking about his […]

on doubt, inspiration, and doing better.

writing has been…slow going. ever since graduation, all those stories that had been bubbling up and demanding attention i couldn’t give them have kind of disapated. i mean, there’s been one, two ticking about but not anything terribly urgent. back in 2012, i wrote a novel in five months. granted, it’s been in editing since […]

‘got my vices in a vice again’

i collage’d my face yesterday because sc was/maybe still is under a state of emergency due to all the weather and flooding (i don’t actually know; i stayed in bed all weekend) and i had writer’s block but also allergies so why the hell not? (there are fifteen pictures of me in this one photo […]


at a snail’s pace, i’ve been filling up my moleskin but it’s the only story that’s held my attention for this long. the muse is pretty loud. when you have to distance yourself from something you actually really like to the point that your pavlovian response is abivalence or even negative and you have to […]