spent the weekend in bed with a headache so the only thing i was good for was watching netflix and pouting that it was too cloudy to make out the super moon blood moon eclipse fuckkin moon moon…so here’s 3.

ah, a musical incarnation of that familiar feeling, self-doubt. probably one of my favorite mashups ever.

halsey. badlands. i’ve had this album on repeat for weeks now. give it a listen if you haven’t. it’s got some poignant lyrics like “meaner than my demons” and “clinging to a little bit of spine“.

i’ve been having some thoughts about love and stuff and maybe i’ll write them down some day, but until then here’s my friend kelsey‘s take on being broken.

(and the blacklist is still on netflix, but you knew that already…)


soundtrack to my life.

i’ve been blessed to be surrounded by inspiring and unapologetic women at this particular point in my life. whether they’re in their twenties or their fifties. whether i’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting them in person or i work alongside them every day. they’re all magnificent beings who remind me i’m doing exactly what i’m meant to be doing right now. so here’s some music reflecting all that i’m feeling by women who are killing it, just slaying it.

if there is anyone’s work ethic and tenacity i admire to the utmost, it’s kat graham. seriously. homegirl is everywhere doing everything and people need to pay attention. kenny ‘babyface’ edmonds is producing her 90s inspired album which comes out 9/25 and knowing that satisfies the 90s girl in my heart.

i will be in the audience with my ride-or-die seeing melanie martinez next weekend, and i am teeming. teeming i say! ‘mad hatter’ is my favorite song off her debut album because sometimes you have to be honest about and give in to your darker side. “you like me best / when i’m off my rocker”. you should. you really should.

okay. so i came across this lovely, darling lady… according to instagram 136 weeks ago. that translates to, what, almost three years? wow. back then she was a pretty ginger (then blonde, and then back to ginger) nugget doing her thing in the city of angels. as one does. she’s got the music thing going. she’s got the acting thing going. she’s got the writing thing going on, too. but at some point earlier this year, i really tuned into her frequency and y’all. the girl is the real deal. #whoisnikkilorenzo, you ask? my favorite person! (if there is one video you do watch from this post…let it be this one)

fka twigs. do i even have to say anything else? the little weirdo in me sees the little weirdo in her, and we approve.

last but certainly not least, a new offering from jojo. i don’t know if i’ve ever met a girl who doesn’t know the words to ‘leave (get out)’ or ‘too little too late’ by heart. and by the sound of this song and the other two rounding out the singer’s “tringle” release, it’s never too little, too late. c’mon. i had to go for that pun.