“i’ve been practicing a spell…”

i went into this new year with the ache of the last. having grown complacent, i, foolishly, started to long for another. any other. as if i don’t know better. as if i’m not constantly telling other girls better.

wanting someone else to do right by me should never mean i stop doing such for myself. are you fucking kidding me? i ask myself, tossing and turning in bed.

so, yeah, this year is meant to be plot progression but since when did that translate to a lose of focus on character development? here’s to knowing better, doing better – but actually doing better.



my associate in science looks damn nice next to my associate in arts. now just to wait for my bachelors of liberal studies to come in the mail.

haunting and addictive. mina tobias, the daughter of mädchen amick (shelly johnson on twin peaks), has a lynchian inspired music video and i love, love, love it.

& my ride-or-die just had a poem of hers published on the rain, party, & disaster society website. it’s “hotel song” and you should go read it, go love it.