that thing you wish you could say goodbye to

forgive the sentence ending preposition, but it’s time i ‘fess up. i wanted to do this series differently. have articles of varying points of view lined up. share and promote the voices of women i love and care about. crack open the door to vulnerability and show you are not the only person in that […]

the first week.

i’ve been home for four days. i’m sorry, i should mention i was in another state for a week. okay, one more thing, i met my twenty-sixth year while watching the first 48 on my aunt’s couch. to say it’s been a weird month is an understatement. it’s been a weird goddamn year and you couldn’t […]


my desk is not nearly as cluttered as my head. my friend sang my mom happy birthday over the phone the other day – like the giant nerd he is – and i’m holding on to small moments like that.  the weather’s getting colder and i’ve grown quieter and i’m tired a lot. of engaging […]