“hello from the other side”

     scorpio season is upon us, folks. oh, yes. i’ve finished season one of jane the virgin and i can’t remember the last time a show – with smart writing – ever made me this emotional. so, yeah. watch it.   also, this happened and i’m freaking out.  i’m sure that i don’t need to […]

‘what shot out of me like a rifle was a revival’

when mercury goes into retrograde, it generally lasts, what, four, six weeks? i think i should be allowed that amount of time afterwards to recuperate. i’m directing a stage play. no “kinda”, no “might be”, no “i guess…” i am going to be directing a play and i’m kind of (finally) excited about it. i’ve […]


at a snail’s pace, i’ve been filling up my moleskin but it’s the only story that’s held my attention for this long. the muse is pretty loud. when you have to distance yourself from something you actually really like to the point that your pavlovian response is abivalence or even negative and you have to […]


spent the weekend in bed with a headache so the only thing i was good for was watching netflix and pouting that it was too cloudy to make out the super moon blood moon eclipse fuckkin moon moon…so here’s 3. ah, a musical incarnation of that familiar feeling, self-doubt. probably one of my favorite mashups […]

soundtrack to my life.

i’ve been blessed to be surrounded by inspiring and unapologetic women at this particular point in my life. whether they’re in their twenties or their fifties. whether i’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting them in person or i work alongside them every day. they’re all magnificent beings who remind me i’m doing exactly […]