“hello from the other side”


  • scorpio season is upon us, folks. oh, yes.
  • i’ve finished season one of jane the virgin and i can’t remember the last time a show – with smart writing – ever made me this emotional. so, yeah. watch it.   also, this happened and i’m freaking out. 
  • i’m sure that i don’t need to be the one to tell you this, but adele’s “hello” is everything.

‘what shot out of me like a rifle was a revival’

  • when mercury goes into retrograde, it generally lasts, what, four, six weeks? i think i should be allowed that amount of time afterwards to recuperate.
  • i’m directing a stage play. no “kinda”, no “might be”, no “i guess…” i am going to be directing a play and i’m kind of (finally) excited about it.
  • i’ve been listening to selena gomez’s new album and i really like it. “revival”, “hands to myself”, and “perfect” are stand outs to me.
  • i think i’ve decided on my next tattoo, that i’ll hopefully get before me and my bestie get our brand new/twin peaks ones.
  • when the muse speaks, you listen.


  • at a snail’s pace, i’ve been filling up my moleskin but it’s the only story that’s held my attention for this long. the muse is pretty loud.
  • when you have to distance yourself from something you actually really like to the point that your pavlovian response is abivalence or even negative and you have to be like “whoa, no, you don’t think [the thing] is gross.” yeah.
  • i’ve forgotten how to pack to fly. i’m generally a driver – i-95 is kind of home – or i take amtrak. but 25 is special and i’m confused about this whole deal with lotion and how much i can or cannot have in my suitcase.
  • oh my. that means i’m almost old enough to rent a car. dunno why that’s exciting to me. but it is!
  • “double bubble disco queen / headed to the guillotine
    skin as cool as steve mcqueen / let me be your killer king”
    – victorious | panic! at the disco x.


spent the weekend in bed with a headache so the only thing i was good for was watching netflix and pouting that it was too cloudy to make out the super moon blood moon eclipse fuckkin moon moon…so here’s 3.

ah, a musical incarnation of that familiar feeling, self-doubt. probably one of my favorite mashups ever.

halsey. badlands. i’ve had this album on repeat for weeks now. give it a listen if you haven’t. it’s got some poignant lyrics like “meaner than my demons” and “clinging to a little bit of spine“.

i’ve been having some thoughts about love and stuff and maybe i’ll write them down some day, but until then here’s my friend kelsey‘s take on being broken.

(and the blacklist is still on netflix, but you knew that already…)



It’s the first of Autumn and already I can feel my powers strengthening. Scorpio season will soon be upon us, so here are five thoughts.

  • I will be turning 25 in less than two month’s time. And I get to celebrate with my father’s side of the family in the city where I was born. I used to tell myself I’d spend this birthday in San Antonio but this is better somehow.
  • It’s a strange dichotomy to have no relationship whatsoever with one’s father but to love and adore (and be loved and adored by) his siblings and relatives. It’s somehow the same for my brother and his father’s family. I’m more like my father than anyone, and being around my aunts and cousins makes me feel more normal than when I’m with my mom’s family. Strange, strange.
  • Most things are water off a duck’s back with me, but I occasionally get my feelings hurt. And that happened this week. My ride-or-die says I have a big heart. My mom tells me I get to control how something affects me. I’m trying to straddle that line between being 100% “whatever, whatever” about it because I’m really good at detachment and letting the wound fester by constantly seeing reminders of the thing that hurt me.
  • I’ve never been good at moderation.
  • 90s music was the best. Like. For every genre, there was something so revolutionary and yet cohesive about it all. So yeah, I’m a little nostalgic about my childhood right now…


my associate in science looks damn nice next to my associate in arts. now just to wait for my bachelors of liberal studies to come in the mail.

haunting and addictive. mina tobias, the daughter of mädchen amick (shelly johnson on twin peaks), has a lynchian inspired music video and i love, love, love it.

& my ride-or-die just had a poem of hers published on the rain, party, & disaster society website. it’s “hotel song” and you should go read it, go love it.