the rumble where you lay

It’s only been a few weeks, but 28 feels better than 27 ever did. I spent much of the previous year preoccupied with my own mortality – even quit smoking for good and abstained from alcohol for several months; it was a dry summer. On my way to a job interview, a deer hit meContinue reading “the rumble where you lay”

In no particular order…

five films I adore. If you ask me my favorite movies, I generally default to Heathers, Romeo + Juliet, and A Goofy Movie. However, these are five that would make, like, my top twenty for sure. (Mind, these particular stories are very heteronormative and pretty damn white, but beyond that…) Comet (2014) – currently onContinue reading “In no particular order…”

i updated my privacy policy

It’s been two weeks since I’ve spoken to the one person I’ve communicated with almost every day for nearly two years. I’ve never really talked openly about my relationship because I’m terrified of jinxing it. This far into it and, yes, I keep thinking about messing it up. Besides, there’s not much I believe inContinue reading “i updated my privacy policy”

nothing was the same.

i have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. situations i’ve been in, people i’ve known, the mountains of feelings i’ve left unsaid… there is so much i want to say, apologize for or justify and not apologize for. i want to publicly talk about things i’ve been harboring so i can cutContinue reading “nothing was the same.”

the liebster award.

it’s been a minute. okay, longer than a minute but time is relative. i’ve been fighting myself and loving myself and sharing myself and hiding her, too. happens. but amanda let me know she’s nominated me for the liebster award. gotta admit – i thought about taking this site down. not practically, obviously. but the thought crossedContinue reading “the liebster award.”