i’m drinking coffee while a neighbor helps my mom board up the big window in our living room. hurricane matthew is somewhere off the east coast and we didn’t have the luxury of evacuating. fun!

it’s been a minute so i figured i’d give y’all an update on things

  • i left my office job, a story for another time
  • if you take a look around, i changed a few things on the site – like it’s now a site! i finally purchased the domain name i’ve been fiending after for two years. posts will begin to go up semi-regularly (fingers crossed…)
  • my best friend since sixth grade got married this past weekend and i partook in the ceremony as his “groomswoman” – it was a beautiful service and i made a delicious feast for mosquitos

  • i had legit plans to move to san antonio at the beginning of the year, but 2016 has not gone the way any of us expected, so that is definitely not happening in the foreseeable future. that’s depressing but, again, another story for another day

a few other things have transpired, but they’re not worth mentioning. accept the old while ushering in the new, amirite?

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manic pixie mythic bitch.

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