goodnight gotham.

i want to gorge on this feeling.

this “so is this what having the normal amount of serotonin in your system feels like?” kind of feeling

this “it’s the drugs, not the guy” kind of feeling

this “you put me at ease way before i ever put the pills on my tongue and i’ve never felt that before” kind of feeling

this “i want to tell every person i make eye contact with why i’ve got a smile on my face, but i don’t know if i’d tell them about you or my prescription” kind of feeling

this “i don’t need coffee to function anymore but i do need it to want to function now” kind of feeling

this “i’ve always abhorred talking on the phone because of the awkward lulls between conversations and what do i do with my hands, but i crave hearing your voice every day” kind of feeling

this “i don’t have energy to talk about my life, only energy enough to live it and i hope people don’t think i’ve gotten quiet because i have ~feelings~ for someone” kind of feeling

this “my life fell apart in a relatively short amount of time and is piecing itself back together in a way i didn’t expect” kind of feeling

this “i don’t know how to talk about you in a way to convince others you’re real because i don’t half believe it myself and not just because you can switch between a martial arts movie to rent and sing ‘la vie boheme’ verbatim” kind of feeling

this “i don’t know if i believe in fate but i was twenty-five minutes away from never having met you at all” kind of feeling

Published by sacriluna

manic pixie mythic bitch.

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