“today means amen”

Getting back into the swing of things is hard. Especially when there isn’t really a swing. When there is no pattern or rhyme or reason to how things happen. They just do. But still you try to go with the flow and make habits anyway.

For me, writing is a habit albeit an inconsistent one, but a habit nonetheless. I’m trying to get back to that. Through blogging and jotting story ideas down in notebooks when the inspiration strikes. It’s not easy, mind you. It’s hard. The muse is fickle and while I’m a heart on her sleeve girl, it’s a difficult feat to expose oneself. To let the world know how you’ve been hurt, that you let yourself be affected by something or someone else, that you either bowed to the pain or rose above it. Or both.

Vulnerability is not fun. If it was, we’d all have our chests cracked open 24/7. To be vulnerable is painstaking and life-changing, but in the end? Pretty damn rewarding.

This weekend, my first article was published on She Did What She Wanted. It’s about my worst heartbreak and how I eventually grew from it. Give it a read.

Gonna try to be more chest cracked open honest…

Dear you, today means amen

in every language.

– sierra demulder’s “today means amen”

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manic pixie mythic bitch.

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