• “fast car” will make me cry at any point in time ever. even in the dressing room at the thrift store. 
  • why do we more readily shun our female friends for exhibiting behavior we have let / still let boys get away with? 
  • my mom’s divorce was finalized today. i sang nina simone’s “feelin’ good” at her wedding. ironically and yet apropos enough i woke up singing it this morning.
  • think of this as “rejected status updates”. 
  • my boss has been trying to convince me to not ‘gone girl’ myself. i’m not saying it’s working but i’m not saying it’s not working… 
  • someone i thought i was over showed up in my dreams and i really could’ve done without that, thanks. 
  • fuck retrograde tbqfh

eyes like broken christmas lights…

Published by sacriluna

manic pixie mythic bitch.

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