• I’m in that awkward position of being a full fledged adult but with little of the “adult” experience. Ya know, love, mortgages, children. They – the inimitable, collective, adult them – still like making conversation with me, though. Go figure.
  • Love. The ever elusive love. I’ve got a lot of feelings about that particular feeling. Self-worth. What we give each other and what we give ourselves. How sometimes we give ourselves too little, give others too much. Not too much, just not enough to balance it all out. Yeah, I’ve got some thoughts on all of that.
  • Cheap alcohol. Maybe in quality. Maybe in price. In the literal and literary sense… Yes.

  • I’ve never been a gold kind of gal. It’s always been silver. But after a rough start to the week, I bought a gold necklace. I like it.
  • My favorite band did a collab with Skylar Grey and it’s amazing.
  • I was born at 3:57 in the morning. In my life, things happen in threes, five is my favorite number, and seven is just heavenly. So maybe I’ll keep this 3 – 5 – 7 thing going… If anything, for myself.
  • The second season of The Blacklist is on Netflix. You’re welcome.

Published by sacriluna

manic pixie mythic bitch.

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