spent the weekend in bed with a headache so the only thing i was good for was watching netflix and pouting that it was too cloudy to make out the super moon blood moon eclipse fuckkin moon moon…so here’s 3.

ah, a musical incarnation of that familiar feeling, self-doubt. probably one of my favorite mashups ever.

halsey. badlands. i’ve had this album on repeat for weeks now. give it a listen if you haven’t. it’s got some poignant lyrics like “meaner than my demons” and “clinging to a little bit of spine“.

i’ve been having some thoughts about love and stuff and maybe i’ll write them down some day, but until then here’s my friend kelsey‘s take on being broken.

(and the blacklist is still on netflix, but you knew that already…)

Published by sacriluna

manic pixie mythic bitch.

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